SL Divisions & Teams

Softball Leinster 2019 Teams

Monday Nights 2nd Division TuesdayNights Prem Division Wednesday Night 1st Division
Deadly Suspects Batpak Base Devils
Homers Dodder Dynamoes Castleknock Bearcats
Wicklow Wolves Kegs Castleknock Wildcats
Thirsty Camels Marlay Martyrs Chuggers
Inglorious Batters Renegade Reapers Dodder Dynamites
Temple Bar Hippies Temple Bar Hippety’s Dublin Bay Packers
TNT Renegade Titans
Marlay Mustangs
Renegade Beachers
Sauce Monsters
Usual Suspects

Home Team is listed first.

Home Pitches are:
   Marlay Martyrs and Mustangs as well as the Deadly and Usual Suspects play in Marlay Park
   The Stannaway Softball club includes the Homers, Base Devils, Sauce Monsters, and
Temple Bar Hippety’s & Hippies, all play in Stannaway Park
   The Dodder Dynamoes and Dynamites play in EDT Sports Ground
   Batpak and the Thirsty Camels  Plays in Saint Anne’s Park
   The Renegades Softball Club includes the Titans, Reapers and Beachers also play in Saint Anne’s Parks
   The Kegs and Chuggers play at Wanderers RFC
   The Thunderbolts and Dublin Bay Packers play at ALSAA
   The Castleknock teams play at Castleknock College
   TNT play at Santry Sports Link
   The Inglorious Batters play at the Lucan Centre
   Wicklow Wolves Play at Shoreline Sports Grounds in Greystones