Softball Leinster Committee

The Softball Leinster Committee for the 2024 season was voted in and approved by the Softball Leinster electorate in November 2023. The committee members and their contact details are listed below.

Anke Klitzing (she/her)  – Chairperson

Anke played fast pitch as a teenager and joined the Hippetys softball club in 2019. She plays with the Hippety Hipsters and has been the team captain since 2022.


Emma Close – Treasurer

Emma was elected Treasurer at the 2023 AGM.

Emma is originally from London, England and currently works as a Chartered Accountant in Dublin with a degree in finance, accounting, and management. She plays softball for the Kegs and takes pride in the ways in which she encourages her teammates.


Eve Kearney (she/her) – Secretary 

Eve has been playing softball since 2011, when she started playing with the now-dissolved UCD Softball Team while in college.  She plays for the Chuggers and counts the club’s victory at the 2022 Galway Blitz as one of her proudest sporting achievements.


Adam Grace – Ordinary Committee Member

Adam has been playing with the Stoneballerz since their inception in 2023.  Most recently, he represented Ireland with the club at the The Gay Games XI Guadalajara.

Priscilla Potel – Ordinary Committee Member 

Priscilla plays with the Average Joes.  She has been a frequent member of committees since her college days and looks forward to sitting on the Softball Leinster Committee for her tenure.