Softball Leinster Committee

The Softball Leinster Committee for the 2020 season was voted in and approved at our AGM on the 28th of October, 2020. The committee members are listed below.

Peter Murnaghan – Chairperson

Peter returns for his second year as Chairperson, in 2020.

Peter plays for the Kegs Softball Club.



Mike Shea – Treasurer

Mike was elected  Treasurer at the 2020 AGM.

Mike plays with Castleknock.



Brian Connolly – Ordinary Committee Member

Brian comes on board as an ordinary committee member this year.

Brian was one of the original founders of the committee.

Brian is a member of the Dodder Dynamoes. He can be contacted via


Niall Byrne – Ordinary Committee  Member 

Niall is serving his 1st year as a SL Committee ordinary member and was co-opted to the board in March 2021.

Niall is the captain and plays for Batpak Softball team. He can be contacted via

Alan O’Rafferty – Ordinary Committee  Member

Alan has come on board as an SL Committee ordinary member, in 2020

Alan  plays for Castleknock. He has recently taken over the role of secretary. He can be contacted at