Part of the Dublin Softball Community since 1994

The Kegs are a co-ed slowpitch team, competing in the Premier League of Softball Leinster, with a long track record of the promotion of softball within Ireland, as well as the development of players, their skills, and the sporting community as a whole. The Kegs are a social and recreational, yet competitive team, with a lot of incredible men and women!

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Kegs 2019

Eric Kelly00000000000.000
Alex Geronimo00000000000.000
Svenja Sladek00000000000.000
Max Fusco00000000000.000
Brittany Cook00000000000.000
Stephanie Barman00000000000.000
Dax Pitts00000000000.000
Eoin Gallagher00000000000.000
Vincent Yu00000000000.000
Barry Casey00000000000.000
Sean Houston00000000000.000
Dave Downey00000000000.000
Bill Conry00000000000.000
Patrick Donnelly00000000000.000
Katie Flynn00000000000.000
Shawna Walsh00000000000.000
Ciara Walsh00000000000.000
Hanna Laurila00000000000.000