Part of the Dublin Softball Community since 1994

Chuggers, as part of Kegs Softball Club, is a co-ed slowpitch team, competing in the Division 1 League. You won’t find a more supportive, fun and talented group of folks than the Chuggers. We enjoy getting together for the love of the game, as well as some of our social and charity events.

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1st Division 2017, 1st Division 2018, 1st Division 2018 Top, 1st Division 2019, 1st Division 2019 Top, 1st Division 2021, 1st Division B 2018, 1st Division B 2019, Division 1A 2020, 2022 1st Division, 2023 Division 1, 2024 1st Division, Division 1B 2021, Inter league 2017
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