Softball Leinster Committee

The Softball Leinster Committee for the 2020 season was voted in and approved at our AGM on the 19th of October, 2019. The committee members are listed below.

Peter Murnaghan – Chairperson Image may contain: 1 person

Peter was co-opted as Chair on 25th November 2019.

Peter plays for the Kegs Softball Club in Softball Leinster and, as the coordinator of Carathon, has helped to raise over €130K for charity.


Aidan Halpin – SecretaryImage may contain: 1 person

Aidan was appointed Secretary on 21st March 2019 .

Aidan is the captain and plays for the Thirsty Camels.


Nicola Wasserfall – TreasurerSee the source image

Nicola was co-opted as Treasurer on 6th January 2020.

Nicola plays for the Thirsty Camels.



Amanda Ní Gabhann – SL RepresentativeImage may contain: 1 person, hat, selfie and close-up

Amanda is serving her first year as a SL Board member.

Amanda is the captain and plays for the The Renegade Beachers.


Brian Ebbs – Ordinary Committee Member 

Brian has been volunteering on the SL committee for a number of years and is an ordinary committee member this year.

Brian is the captain and also plays for the Inglorious Batters softball team in Lucan.


Johnny O’Brien – Ordinary Committee Member12901170_1152263771458521_1242815743547309826_o

Johnny is serving his 4th year as an ordinary committee member.

Johnny plays for the Thunderbolts softball team.



Muireann O’Farrell – Ordinary Committee  MemberImage may contain: 1 person

Muireann is serving her 3rd year as a SL Committee ordinary member.

Muireann is the captain and plays for the The Homers Softball team.


Jonathan Spielberg – Ordinary Committee  Member

Jonathan has served 2 terms as Chair of SL and now serves as an ordinary member.

Jonathan plays for the Renegades Softball Club in Softball Leinster and is the co-founder of the Sons of Pitches International traveling team.


Todd Zboyan – Ordinary Committee  Member

Todd is serving his 3rd year as a SL Committee ordinary member.

Todd plays for the Marlay Softball club on their Martyrs team.