2016 Season Update and Dates

We would like to thank all of the team captains and contacts who came back to us earlier than usual this year so we can begin scheduling our league a few weeks earlier. That means that the schedule will be out four weeks before our season begins. The Softball Leinster League will begin on Monday the 18th of April with the second division. As in previous seasons the Prem will play on Tuesday night and the first division will play on a Wednesday.

We’ve had a few new teams join the league this year, the Wicklow Wolves and a team from Lucan, but we’ve also had some casulaties. The Marlay Meteors, their first division team, as well as the Odd Sox Black and the Blazzers. We hope to see most of these players get picked up by other teams and would encourage any of these players to contact us here at Softball Leinster if they need help finding a new team.

We’ve worked hard to increase the number of teams in the Premier Division and this year we will have eight teams in our showcase league. With the Temple Bar Hippety’s winning the 1st division last year, and the Renegade Beachers requesting to be dropped from Prem we found ourselves with an open spot for a Prem team. Going by Team League Standings, 1st division teams were asked if they wanted that spot and 2nd division winners Renegade Reapers volunteered to take the spot from their sister team giving us an eight team Prem division. Here is how all the divisions will look.

Prem Division  
Oddsox Green
Dodder Dynamoes
Kiely Kegs
Marlay Martyrs
Temple Bar Hippetys
Renegade Reapers

1st Division
Castleknock Bearcats
Kiely’s Chuggers
Dublin Bay Packers
Usual Suspects
Base Devils
Sauce Monsters
Castleknock Wildcats
Tullamore Tigers
Renegade Beachers

2nd Division
Dodder Dynamites
Deadly Suspects
Renegade Titans
Marlay Mustangs
Temple Bar Hippies
Wicklow Wolves
“New Lucan Team”

Keep an eye out for news on the start of registration which should be the first week of April. Also some other dates to keep in mind:The SL Captains meeting will be the 7th of April, Venue TBD, the Brian Walshe Start of Season Blitz will be on April 9th and the SL umpire ISF refresher course will be on the 14th. Softball Ireland will be holding a comprehensive two day course later in April. Softball Ireland will also be announcing information on their helmet policy and offering teams a supply of helmets to purchase as well as balls for the upcoming season. Please refer all those questions to Softball Ireland. Thanks again and look out for more news coming soon.

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