Frequently Asked Questions – All FAQs


  • What is Softball ?
    Softball is a bat and ball game. Played with 10 players on each team. The game last 7 innings, with both teams getting a chance to bat in each inning.
  • What kind of Softball is played in Ireland?
    Co-ed Slow pitch Softball is played in Ireland. This is a version that requires both Men and Women to play on the same team. The ball is pitched in a slow arced manner towards the batter.
  • How can I sign up to play softball?
    Email the Softball Leinster Committee at and the committee will only be to hapyy to get you into a team.

Softball Leinster

  • What is Softball Leinster?
    Softball Leinster is a Committee formed to run softball in the region of Leinster. It’s power is derived from Softball Ireland the National Governing bosy of Softball in Ireland.
  • What are the roles of Softball Leinster?
    Softball Leinster is responsible for 1) Running the Leinster League 2) Representing the Leinster teams in Softball Ireland Meetings 3) Developing Softball in Leinster


  • What are exemptions for?
    Player exemptions are for teams in clubs who are short on players for a game. They may apply to Softball Leinster to bring a player down from a higher rank team to play for them that week. The exempted player is marked on the math report and may only play in certain positions.
  • Who can apply for exemptions?
    Only the team or club Captain can apply for a player exemption
  • How do I apply for an exemption?
    To apply for an exemption you need to email The Exemptions are only valid if you get a reply. You also need to note an exempted player on the match report.
  • When can I apply for an exemption?
    You can only apply for an exemption if you have less than 10 players or if in division 2 you do not have a capable pitcher.
  • How many exemptions can I apply for each week?
    Each Team can only get two exemptions each week. Either two Girls or 1 Girl and 1 Boy.
  • Are there any limits to exemptions?
    Yes, Each player may only recieve two exemptions each season to play down. Also when playing down a Male can only play as catcher and the female can only play in an outfield position.
  • If a player on a lower rank team plays on a higher team do they need an exemption?
    If a player on a lower rank team plays up then they do not need an exemption to play on the lower ranked team the next week. However if they play up 3 times in one season then they will need an exemption to play down the next time.
  • What are the penalties for playing a player without an exemption?
    Playing a player without an exemption means the player is illagal and it could result in that team giving a walkover.
  • What happens if an exempted player is playing in the wrong position?
    If it is noted that an exempted player is playing in the wrong position during a game, then it should be reported to the Umpire and marked on the match report who the player was and for how long the player was in the wrong position. The error should be corrected by the team Captain. The game should then continue. The match report should be sent to Softball Leinster and the Umpire should report the incident to Softball Leinster. If the error is intentional or repeated then it could result in a walkover.
  • Who can report a violation of an exemption?
    Any member of Softball Leinster can report a violation of an exemption. It should be reported to the Umpire during the game and marked on the match report. An email should also be sent to softballleinster to inform of the infraction.


  • What are Byelaws?
    Byelaws are game, league and general rules specific to our regions play. The are built upon the ASA softball game rules and the Softball Leinster constitution.
  • Where can i find the current Byelaws?
    The current byelaws are always displayed on the website here
  • How can I change the byelaws?
    You can email your suggestions to the Softball Leinster committee. They will then consider it and work with you to develop it to a stage where it is workable. They will then publish the Byelaws. Once the byelaws have been published for two weeks they will then come into affect.
  • I do not like a byelaw how can I stop it?
    If the byelaw is new (has been published for less than two weeks) you need to email the Softball Leinster committee to complain about it. They can then look to change it but are not required to unless one third of the registered teams complain about it.
  • When Can a Byelaw change?
    A Byelaw can change at anytime. Once it has been published for two weeks it will take affect.


  • What is the constitution?
    The Softball Leinster constitution is a set of fundemental rules that define and govern the Softball Leinster region and the powers available to the Softball Leisnter Committee.
  • How is the Constituion changed?
    The constitution is changed by submitting motions to the Softball Leinster Committee at least two weeks prior to the advertised date of the Softball Leinster Annual General Meeting. The constitution can only change at the AGM.