Registration Opens today!!!

We have officially opened the registration for the 2017 Prem League. Registration closes on the 31st of March and the Rec League will open next week closing on the 7th of April. This means we can have a provisional Premier League schedule out in early April and the Rec League  schedule for those 1st and 2nd divisions out by the Captains meeting  – scheduled for the 11th of April.

How do you register? It’s easy – email us at and say “The Mighty Ducks of Dolphin’s Barn would like to register to play in the Premier League!” Please change the team and club name as you see fit. Once the registration has closed you will get an email back with a team roster. Please fill out the team roster to the best of your ability and get it back to us ASAP. Remember that if your team or players plan on playing in the Brian Walshe Start of Season Blitz on April 8th you will need to have this roster filled out and returned to us before then or your players will not be allowed to play!

Looking forward to seeing you all out on the diamond…