Send us your pics/videos!

Today, Monday 20th April 2020,  marks the intended start to our softball season. Instead of celebrating an outbreak of softball fever, we are coping with COVID-19, a virus which is equally contagious but not nearly as much craic. While we are all disappointed at the disruption to our sport and our way of life, we trust that the restrictions which we are observing now will safeguard our families and communities and curb the spread of the pandemic.

This is a challenging time for many of us, contending with anxiety, uncertainty and social isolation. We would encourage our members to be positive, reach out to your team mates and stay engaged. We cannot play the game right now, but we remain a strong community and we will emerge from this and grow stronger. 

Softball Leinster is looking to the future, weighing up our options and developing contingencies to salvage what we can from this season should restrictions be lifted. We are also reflecting on the past and would appeal to members to send us your softball photos and videos (share on Facebook and tag Softball Leinster or email ). Aside from the nostalgia-buzz, your clips and pics will be put to good use as part of future promotional campaigns to grow the sport and recruit new players. Here’s a link to some video highlights of the 2012 All-Star Game to get the ball rolling: