SL 2018 Season News and Dates

With the temperature in Dublin hovering around the 2º C mark and a light dusting of snow on the ground, what better time is there to visualise everyone’s favourite summer time sport, at least everyone reading here, Softball. With that note, let’s jump right into the news and dates you should be keeping an eye on as the season slowly comes upon us.

Increased Team Fees

“Increase in team fees – What the hell!!!” I knew would be the response that most people reading this would be saying to themselves, but would you believe we are doing it for the betterment of the league. Here’s what the new fees mean to you.

  • Team fees are going from €150 in 2017 to €175 in 2018 – but there will be an early registration team discount of €25 for any team who notifies us (email that they will be registering their team for the 2018 season before the 1st of April AND pays their team registration fee before the 1st of May.
  • We are enacting this registration increase and discount to have teams register early so we can complete and release the schedules early.

Divisional Breakdown and Men’s League

After our discussion at AGM we are planning to rejigger the divisional breakdown.

  • The Prem is still it’s own division – currently with 7 teams, and any group of players can create a team to join that Prem Division and that League.
  • The 1st division will be expanded to 12 teams which will be evenly split into two conferences based on TLS (Team League Standing). After each team plays each other twice, once home and once away, the top three in each conference will then go into their own conference, and the bottom three will go into a lower conference.
  • We expect the 2nd division to have a minimum of 8 teams and will play at least a 14 game season.

We are excited to announce that the SL Men’s League will go ahead on a Thursday night. Here are some of the things you should know about that league:

  • There will need to be at least 4 teams registered, but no more than 6.
  • It is a Men’s Rules League, which basically means that female players can play, but all players will be treated the same. Same ball, no fielding issues, etc.
  • Venues will be secured and centralised by Softball Leinster. Teams will not need to organise pitches on a Thursday night.
  • Teams will play between 10 and 12 games and team registration fee will be the same as the other leagues.
  • Teams can register any player who plays in the co-ed leagues. Players can only be registered to play on one Men’s League team and there are no exemptions allowed. This is not a pickup league.

If you have any questions then drop us a line at

Indoor Training and Open Days

Here are some Indoor training sessions that are being hosted by some teams. All are welcome to stop by and attend.

Please email the organisers above if you’d like to attend. Contributions towards for cost of the hall is expected.

SL Open Days will also be happening in March. Dates TBC.

Umpire Training Courses also in March. Dates TBC.

SI will also be organising a “Get the Girls Playing” (not fast pitch) training sessions for female players. Dates TBC.