SL Divisions & Teams

Softball Leinster 2024 Teams

Monday – Division 3 Tuesday –         Premier Division Wednesday – Division 1 Thursday – Division 2
Ashbourne Comets Batpak Average Joes Ashbourne Antlers
Deadly Suspects Castleknock Bearcats Chuggers Brewers
G&T’s Dodder Dynamoes Dodder Dynamites Castleknock Wildcats
Hippety Hippos Hippety Hippies Dublin Bay Packers Devil Homers
Navan Dragons Green Kegs Hippety Hipsters Hippety Hypnotists
Stoneballerz Renegade Reapers Navan Dragons Gold
Thirsty Camels Usual Suspects Renegade Titans
Wicklow Cubs Wicklow Wolves


Home Pitches are:
Deadly and Usual Suspects play in Marlay Park
Average Joes, Devil Homers, Hippetys Softball Club (Hipsters, Hypnotists, Hippos), G&Ts and Stoneballerz all play in Stannaway Park – Hippety Hippies play at Terenure College Rugby Club.
Dodder Dynamoes and Dynamites play in ETB Sports Ground
Thirsty Camels and Renegades Softball Club (Titans and Reapers) play in Saint Anne’s Park
BatPak plays in Albert College Park
Kegs, Chuggers and Brewers play in Dublin 4/Blackrock.
Wicklow Wolves and Cubs play at Shoreline Sports Grounds in Greystones
The Castleknock Softball Club (Bearcats and Wildcats) and Dublin Bay Packers play at Castleknock College
Navan Dragons Gold play at Blackwater Park, Navan – Navan Dragons Green play at Navan Racecourse
Ashbourne Antlers play at Corkagh Park – Ashbourne Comets play at the International Baseball Centre, Ashbourne

For location of the clubs please see also the Club Locator page