SL Umpire Levy Introduced and other news

After our first Beginner Umpire class did not meet the minimum attendance we were hoping to maintain the necessary umpires to cover the scheduled games for this season, the SL committee have decided that we will have to introduce an Umpire Levy for this season. This release went out to captains today and is also posted on our website along with the 2019 Byelaws and Game Rules. Also released last week was the complete schedule for all divisions, except for the final five weeks of the 1st division which like last year will be separated into an upper and lower conference after the first 10 games are played.

Another thing that is important to note is that after this season the 1st Division will be reduced back down to 10 teams and the bottom two teams in the lower 1st Division Conference will be relegated to 2nd division with the third lowest team playing a relegation match with the winner of the 2nd division. If all teams return and no new teams come on board for the 2020 season this will mean that there will be 7 in Prem, 10 in 1st and 8 in 2nd division.

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