Are you confused about Exemptions? Let’s Break it down…

Exemptions are always a dicey subject and some people hate them, some love them, but most just don’t understand when they are required. We on the SL committee have tried hard to make it simple, but fair and are always trying to tweak it until it is more fair with better accountability. Here is how it works:

If you are hoping to get a player who is not registered with your team, then you need to get an exemption. You can only get an exemption to bring your team number up to 9 or 10. You cannot sit a player of the same sex to play an exempted player, unless they are a pitcher. All exemptions should be entered on the lineup card and SL should be notified by filling out this online form. Failure to do so can result in a walkover given to your team. 

When getting an exemption from a player from a higher division you can only take 1 guy and 1 girl, or two girls. There is no limitations on players playing up from a lower division.

Players can be registered with two teams, their Primary team and a Secondary team. One of those teams must be a Prem team and the other can be either a 1st or 2nd division team. You cannot sit a primary registered player to play a secondary player unless they are pitching and no other Primary team player on the team can pitch.

You can check out all these rules and many more on our website @

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