What to do if you have no umpire

We have worked hard to improve our umpire training and numbers this year. An advanced umpire course will still be held later this summer, but in the meantime there are things that can be done when there is no umpire at your game.

  • Each team should submit their lineup cards to the opposing teams prior to the game. The home team should manage the match report and share that with the opposing at the conclusion of the game. Choose your MVP’s and send a photo to the division Whatsapp group.
  • After each half inning confirm the scoring between both teams and the home team should mark the score on the match report each inning.
  • Any close call either on the bases or pitch calls behind the plate is purely the decision of the acting umpire. If there is a question on the rule, the captain should query the acting umpire and clarify any rule. The decision will still ultimately be that of the acting umpire.
  • Regardless of whoever is the acting umpire, that umpire should be treated with respect and verbal or physical abuse to the acting umpire OR any player on the field will not be tolerated. If any player or captain is found to be abusive to another player, the acting umpire can report that player to Softball Leinster and that player or player may be suspended for one or more games based on our zero tolerance umpire policy.

Looking towards the future, we are going to even out the division sizes with only 10 teams, 5 games in 1st Division next year and we will continue to train and improve our Umpire programme. Make sure your team or club avoids any Umpiring levy by sending players to training and having them umpire games.

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