2019 SL All Star Games to be held in Trinity 17th August

We’ll be going back to Trinity for another fun-filled day of softball in the sun as the 2019 All Star Games will show off the best of what is Softball Leinster has to offer.

Beginning at 2:00pm with the 2nd Division All Stars vs. The Div. 1 Bottom teams followed by the Top Div 1 All Stars vs. the Prem teams. We will need captains to nominate 2 players plus 2 alternates, preferably one of each sex. Here are the teams:

x           Game One @ 2:00pm                                                                                        Game Two @ 4:45pm
Div 2                      vs.                            Div 1 Bottom                                    Div 1 Top                   vs.             Prem
Deadly Suspects                              Base Devils                                         Castleknock Wildcats         Batpak
Homers                                                 Castleknock Bearcats                  Chuggers                                    Dodder Dynamoes
Inglorious Batters                           Hippie Monsters                             Dodder Dynamites               Kegs
Thirsty Camels                                 Marlay Mustangs                            Dublin Bay Packers               Marlay Martyrs
Virgin Media Red Sox                   Renegade Titans                             Renegade Beachers               Renegade Reapers
Wicklow Wolves                             Thunderbolts                                     Usual Suspects                        TNT
x                                                                                                                                                                                               Temple Bar Hippety’s

All people are welcome to participate in some in-between games of throwing, hitting and running challenges.

Captains should email us at info@softballleinster.ie with your all star picks or drop us a Whatsapp message with your picks in the SL captains groups. Thanks and we’ll see you on the 17th!