SL All Star Game and Night Out

Save the date – the SL All Star Game will be played on the 9th of September with an afters celebration at JW Sweetmans.

We’ve moved the SL All Star Game date to later in the year and have changed up the format a bit this year. Instead of having it Prem division vs. 1st and 2nd vs. 2nd, etc. we’ve decided to have the South Dubliners face North Dublin and Leinster. No longer are the captains going to put forward their All Star selections, but instead we will choose the All Stars from the game MVP selections. There will be a roster of as many as 26 players per team, and the MVP announcement for each team will be made after the last scheduled game of the season on the 17th of August. Just a few more weeks to go. Watch this space or our Facebook page for the player announcement.

The teams making up the Southsiders are: The Dodder Dynamoes and Dynamites, The Kegs, Chuggers, Base Devils, Sauce Monsters, Usual Suspects and Deadly Suspects, The Homers, Marlay Martyrs and Mustangs, Temple Bar Hippety’s and Hippies.

The Northside and Greater Leinster teams will be made up of: Castleknock Bearcats and Wildcats, Tullamore Tigers, SWAT, Renegade Titans, Beachers and Reapers, Batpak, TNT, Dublin Bay Packers, Thunderbolts, Lucan and Wicklow Wolves.

After the All Star game we will head over to JW Sweetmans on the Burgh Quay where we will enjoy some finger foods and celebrate our MVP’s and 2016 season. That won’t mean the celebration will end for this season. Don’t forget the Suspects will be hosting the end of season with their 20th anniversary celebration at their Masked Ball on the 15th of October in the Hilton Hotel.