SL All Star Team Take 2

The Softball Leinster Committee are hard at work trying to figure out how to make the Softball Leinster All Star Team work, not only for the Prem teams who would have two bye weeks otherwise, but also the players from the other divisions who are sacrificing their time to make up that team. While our original intention was to have these games count, making them more significant for both teams, we realised that with the shortage of female players throughout our league, getting female players to play Prem each week might be difficult.

Going forward the games will only count as far as participation. This means:

  • The Prem team will be awarded 5 points for the win as long as they have a minimum of 9 players and turn up.
  • The All Star team will be able to play with whatever male to female ratio they can achieve on the night; ideally 6-4, but 7-3, 8-2 or even 9-1.
  • If the Prem team does not show up or has less than 9 players they will be given a walkover and will receive 0 points for the match.

Our goal is twofold, by giving lower division players the opportunity to play against Prem teams in a competitive fashion, as well as giving Prem teams a game on a night when they would normally have had a bye. We hope that eliminating the need for the Prem team to win this game, it will allow the Prem team to play their players in different positions and offer their opponents on the SL All Star Team more of a social match. We hope this achieves the same goal we set out when we decided to put forward this All Star Team and expect that it will work well for everyone involved.