The SL All Star Team Wants You!

This season, to round out our Prem division with 8 teams, we’ve setup a SL All Star team. With four different captains; Rob Atkinson from the Castleknock Wildcats, Adrian Forster from the Usual Suspects, Mark Mandanaro from the Tullamore Tigers and Martin Hussey formerly from the Blazzers, will rotate in each week to week as the Softball Leinster All Star Team Captain. But we need players.
Anyone can play on the SL All Star Team. You will not need an exemption to play and for consistency we’d like to have all players commit to at least 4 games. The idea is that we will have a squad of about 30 players and that will allow the team to have some consistency from week to week. We will ask players to pay 20 euros for subs to join the team, and that will be whether you play 4 games or 14. This will cover our field costs, umpire fees and a t-shirt. The SL All Star Team’s home field will be at Castleknock College.
The SL All Star team will face all 7 of the Prem division teams twice and the games will count for both wins or losses and the Prem team they are facing will need to put forth their best team. The team will not have a TLS at the end of this season. Why make these games count?  Very simply we want the games to matter. We do not want any teams to give a walkover.
If you’d like to play email us at or check out the SL All Star team Facebook group.  Request to join and one of the captains or committee members will add you.

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