What’s this about Exemptions now?

Is there anything more controversial in our sport than exemptions? We’re accustomed to the changes happening each year. This year we take another whack at fixing it, making it easier for teams to manage while trying to balance the fairness of taking an exemption and teams not giving walkovers. Here is what you need to know about the Exemption Rules this year:

  • Five (5) exemptions are allowed per player within a club. An exemption is required if you are playing up OR down.
  • Exemption notification must be made to Softball Leinster PRIOR to the game by emailing exemptions@softballleinster.ie. Include the player’s name(s), which team they are registered to play for and reason the exemption is required (sickness, work committment, holiday, injury, etc.).
  • All exemptions should be marked on the Match Report as well as verbally confirmed to the umpire and notifying the other team’s captain.
  • Upper division players should not be exempted down taking the spot of a regular team player.
  • The feature rule is back in. A player “features” in a game if they play in the first inning or play more than 3-1/2 innings.
  • An exemption to play is not needed if a player does not feature.
  • Male exempted players must play Catcher, Pitcher or Right field.

And the final bit of news is the single game exemption from any team, for any player – once. A player from any team/club can play for any other team once during the season. This exemption is based on the team and the player is not using their club exemptions. That player can play each week for a different team. All the same rules with regard to the exemptions within a club applies to this single game exemption.

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