Virgin Media Red Sox Blast into 2nd Division

The Virgin Media Red Sox joined the 2nd division last night with a bang – scoring 15 runs against the Deadly Suspects in a close match. The Suspects were welcoming and supportive as the new team started off their Leinster League by hitting with back to back hits including a double from their leadoff hitter Cormac who’d go on to hit a few homers and get the MVP for the guys that night. After a rough 2nd inning in the field where the Deadlies scored 11, VMRS Captain Patrick Kinsella (not that Patrick Kinsella) managed to settle down as pitcher and get outs throwing a shutout inning in the 3rd and keeping the Deadly Suspect to just one run in each of the last three innings.

The big lead by the Home team wouldn’t be overcome though as the game ended with a few Virgin Media Red Sox runners left on base and the Deadly Suspects on top 17-15. It was an extremely friendly game with the new team asking questions about the finer details of the sport and Usual Suspect player Sean Gallagher offering coaching and advice whenever possible.

Some major obstacles for the new team – all of their bats were illegal because none were stamped ASA approved. If any team or player has an ASA stamped bat they’d like to donate or loan to the new team, I’m sure it would be appreciated. Next week the Virgin Media Red Sox will play the Thirsty Camels in St. Anne’s Park. Virgin Media Red Sox will play their home games in Tymon Park. Welcome to Softball Leinster!