Updated – Website Upgrades, Byelaws and Schedules

We are just a few short weeks away from the start of the season (Monday the 24th of April for those  of you who don’t see the countdown timer on our website – less than 12 days…) and we’ve just published our 2017 Byelaws which can be found here. We are getting our website a behind the scenes spring clean with a few new perks and upgrades as we go along. Check out our Club Locator under About SL Menu.

Forget about all that though… You want to know about the schedules. They are nearly done. With some complex maneuvering in the end we are still trying to Iron out all the kinks with teams and then we will be able to definitively release the schedules. Goal is for them to be out by Friday. More details about that when they are released. So keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for updates.


Some last minute shakeups and maneuvering has delayed our schedule release for a few more days. Expect the final schedules to be released on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. To tide you over below is a partial list of scheduled games for the first week of the season. Happy Easter!

24-Apr-17 25-Apr-17 26-Apr-17
Marlay Mustangs   v.  Inglorious Batters Dodder Dynamoes   v.  TNT Base Devils   v.  Castleknock Bearcats
Homers   v.  Renegade Titans Temple Bar Hippety’s   v.  Batpak Dodder Dynamites   v.  Dublin Bay Packers
Wicklow Wolves   v.  Deadly Suspects Renegade Reapers   v.  Kegs Renegade Beachers   v.  Thunderbolts
Temple Bar Hippies   v.  Castleknock Wildcats Sauce Monsters   v.  Chuggers