SL AGM @ Against the Grain at 1pm on the 22nd of October

To avoid another AGM displacement like last year at the Woolshed, we’ve decided to proceed with an alternative venue and have booked a room at Against the Grain at 11 Wexford Street at 1pm on the 22nd of October. To secure this room we’ve ordered some finger foods which all attendees can enjoy. We will have the room for 3+ hours, and have it to ourselves without having to compete with the noise from other patrons, loud music or sports on the TV.

The plan for the day will be to first review the highlights as well as the low lights of the 2016 season. We will then proceed through the normal AGM motions and elections for the 2017 committee. Please send on your constitutional motions and election nominations ASAP. All committee positions are open for voting again this year except for the chairperson which is a two year term.

We will then conclude the main business of the AGM, which will be followed by a review of the SI State of Softball forum recap and results from the 25th of September, as well as a thorough discussion on everyone’s thoughts and ideas on how to implement some of the suggestions on how SI, as the national governing body, SL, as our region and the individual clubs should proceed.

For our part, Softball Leinster has taken on board some criticisms and suggestions on how to improve our league and we will be asking teams to vote on a variety of options on how we should run the league in 2017. A lot of the way the league runs is done through our byelaws, which are set out and determined by our committee in the spring and published a few weeks before the season begins, but it is important that we are able to gauge the will of the membership and there is no time more suitable to do that then at our AGM. In fact, advice, criticism and accolades from non-official social media forums is not even considered, so if you want your voice heard it should be by email to or come down to the AGM and have your say!

Keep an eye out for more posts from our current committee members as we float some ideas on how to improve softball in Leinster for the 2017 season.