SL Committee Update and Holiday Wishes

Just a quick update to our Softball Leinster Membership before we go down that rabbit hole that is the holiday season. Before you know it, 2017 will be upon us and we’ll already be planning for spring training. For those of you who missed our AGM, we have a new Softball Leinster Committee. You can read the barest of deatils about them here. We were lucky to fill the two casual vacancies we had after the AGM before our first SL Committee meeting with Massimo Lepri taking on the role of Treasurer, and Johnny O’Brien coming on board as an ordinary member. Welcome everyone.

We discussed a few key items on what we want to accomplish before the 2017 season and here is a short list of things you should look out for.

  • SL Sponsored Training Sessions:  We hope to have at least one indoor and possibly a few outdoor training sessions open to all Softball Leinster teams. We would like to coordinate some of these sessions with Softball Ireland’s plans to run a train-the-trainer courses. More details on dates and places to follow in February. We’ll try and have both a south side and north side venue and are looking for experienced players and trainers to volunteer.
  • Umpire Training Courses:  Softball Leinster will be holding three umpire training courses in February and March. The first two will be beginner courses and the last will be an intermediate/refresher course. No new umpire will be allowed to umpire unless they complete the intermediate course. These courses will be free, but there will be a cancellation fee for anyone who signs up and fails to attend.
  • Premier League Meeting:  Up to two representatives from each Premier division team will be invited to a meeting on the 14th of January 2017, location TBD, to discuss the benefits of forming a separate Premier League. The goal of this meeting is to determine the best practices for a Premier League, how it would affect the lower divisions, what benefits would a separate Premier League have and playing schedules.

Anything else you’d like to find out about, or want to volunteer to help out? Send on an email to and we’ll be in touch. Thanks and have a Happy Christmas!

~ Jonathan Spielberg
SL Chairperson